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"Daniel, our son, who has moderate learning difficulties has been attending Centa Co for the past 6 years. We "found" Inarm as we were setting up Daniel's independent care package. Inarm's dedication and commitment to providing a service that engages him in everyday social life is inspiring. Daniel can choose the activities and outings that he wants to participate in and we often joke that he now has a better social life than we do! As we live an hour away communication and reliability are all important aspects of the service. We have no hesitation in recommending Inarm and his team". A. Clark, Gillingham

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Thanks to you for your continuing support and help that you give my brother Mark. He has been with you now for many years and has really enjoyed the time that he spends with you, especially any conne

"I highly recommend Centa Co. My autistic adult son has been attendingthis social centre for 6 years and finds it a really supportive and stable environment to meet and interact with others. Inarm and