About us

The day centre has a pool; music and gaming console culture (Wii; X-Box; PS2) and is very much on a refreshingly adult level.....our clients enjoy sitting in the coffee lounge reading the day's newspapers; going on one of the four PCs to research their favourite subjects or catching up on current affairs; gaming on one of the consoles or playing one of the musical instruments. Activities in the community are also provided, such as bowling, as is life skills training such as cooking classes.
The company works very closely with Medway Council and has been a Medway Council listed service provider since its formation. Most clients come to us through referral by Care Management or recommendation by existing service users' families. Our retention rate is very high with many clients having been with us for several years and we believe this is because we provide that bit extra. We approach things by never just "keeping clients occupied" for a day. We focus in on what truly interests and engages them. Our service is bespoke which means that we "tune in" to what really engages each and every client. Activity choices are made through client input - they are not just handed a timetable. We have undergone extensive training, including in Heath & Safety; First Aid; Risk Assessing and Person Centred Care and Inarm has an NVQ3 in Health & Social Care.