Why choose Centa-co

We believe that we provide a special service, partly because we are family run. We believe that our clients deserve the very best service possible and we strive to not just provide "day support" but a truly engaging and interesting day, every day, for our clients. We never make the cardinal error that some suport workers make which is to do activities that the support worker wants to do or what the support worker "thinks" the client wants to do. Clients are encouraged to express their wishes. Variety is key too and we focus on giving this. 

Our day centre is equiped with a multitude of equipment and our clients always have plenty to engage with. Also, our clients network with each other and make new friends. Our minibus has no advertising, phone number or reference to learning disability as our clients say they prefer this. Clients are often referred to us precisely because we are known to promote the socialisation of clients. It is a common scenario that some clients come to us having failed to settle in other day centre settings but find our culture and bespoke approach better suited to their particular needs.

Clients come unaccompanied without their own external personal support worker. Our clients tell us that this is what they prefer. They say that it is no fun at all to be mixing with other clients' support workers.....they want to be amongst their own peers and friends.  

Our Chatham High Street location makes it easy to come to us. We chose this over a distant, impersonal location because of the stimulating surroundings and because it is central and thus easy to get to.